Winter in Berlin - Snow in a back courtyard in Prenzlauer Berg

Winter in Europe - some photo series

The freezing cold weather has left parts of Europe in a white dress, lakes and rivers deep frozen, the homeless in a state of emergency. The last weekend many people took the oportunity to take a walk in the cold - many impressive pictures were taken, many magazines and newspapers published a "winter image gallery" on their websites this weekend. Here is a short selection of three galleries - so far I have taken a closer look at The Guardian, Spiegel Online and Zeit Online had on display...

ZEIT Online is showing a set of pictures "Frozen Europe" with 14 images all together, mostly of frozen waters: Switzerland, Stockholm, Dresden, Hamburg - but also Rome are portraied in this set of pictures:

The Guardian is showing a set of images made at the Fenlands in Cambridgeshire in eastern England: 

And at Spiegel Online is a set of 21 images taken at the city's Ice Party "Alstervergnügen" under the headline "168 Hektar Eis: Winterzauber in Hamburg"

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