Mauerpark Berlin: The Graffiti Wall

Mauerpark Berlin Graffiti Wall

A sunny afternoon in the Mauerpark – somebody is working on his new graffiti piece, somebody else is watching. During the summer months the wall in Mauerpak is basically re-designed / re-decorated every sunday – so there is always something new to discover.

In the background you can see the floodlight of the football stadium of Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark.

Kastanienallee Ecke Schönhauser in the Mist

Kastanienallee Ecke Schoenhauser Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Early morning misty glory – view down Kastienallee towards the street corner of Schönhauser Allee a.k.a. Ecke Schönhauser. The neighborhood still seems to be asleep – only a tram waiting at the tram stop and a bicycle rider passing by. Lights reflecting on the wet street.  In the background you see the iconic overpass of subway line U1 near Eberswalder station in the mist.

I like it a lot when it’s like this – a bit cold, a bit misty, a bit grey, a bit dark – during the winter time Berlin can look like this for weeks or even months.

Berlin Winter: Snow in the Courtyard

Berlin Winter snow in the courtyard

First snow for a while – and in a few hours it will all be gone. But this moment was beautiful and I’m glad I took this picture. The bikes are cowered with a thin layer of snow and just a couple of footsteps are seen – traces of neighbors in the winter wonderland that is our courtyard.

Glad they revently repaired the lights – otherwise I would not have been able to capture this moment. Thank you! and greetings to the caretaker!

Overgrown Streetlamp Berlin

Overgrown Streetlamp in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Blue skies, yellow house, green streetlamp. This streetlamp in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg completely overgrown. Actually in this street near Mauerpark you would find a couple of streetlamps that are more or less overgrown – but this one was the nicest. And the light of the evening sun plays nicely with the yellow facade.

Rainbow colored park bench

Rainbow colored park bench, Berlin

Somebody painted this park bench in rainbow colors. I am totally loving it. I mean – it’s not just ‘painted’ but actually somebody took the time and effort to either draw little drops, or maybe the paint was just of the right fluidity to draw the drop traces itself. However it was done – now it’s a great art piece.

Seen somewhere near Bernauer Strasse.

Sunset at Danziger Strasse

Sunset at Danziger Strasse Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

A HDR image of sunset at Danziger Strasse in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, near Schliemannstrasse. The rails of the tram line M10 seem to lead right into the light. In the very center of the image, right above the sun, you can see one of the flood light poles of the football stadium next to Mauerpark. Right below the sun you can see parts of the U-Bahn station Eberswalder Strasse.

Berlin Rooftop Fireworks – New Year’s Eve 2016/2017

Berlin Rooftop Fireworks New Year's Eve

Lucky us – we were invied to a New Year’s Eve party with access to a rooftop terrace – or at least a terrace with a view to the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. So we basically saw and enjoyed the neighbors’ fireworks with all the comfort you would expect: a glass of sparkling wine (actually it was Champagne), a few couple of dear friends to chat with – and no fear of getting hit by fireworks. Greatness.

Chimney at Froebelstrasse

Chimney at Fröbelstrasse, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

In Prenzlauer Berg the “Administrative Office for Citizens” (Bürgeramt / Bezirksamt Pankow Prenzlauer Berg) is located at Fröbelstrasse – a group of old brick buildings, that used to be a hospital. And this red brick chimney used to be part of the hospital too.

The HDR effect is a bit harsh, but – still – i liked the photo somehow. So here it is.