1. Shopping Cart

Choose any of the images that you would like to use from the section “Image Stock”. Once you click the button “add to cart” the image will be added to your shopping cart. You may add as many images as you like. You may then either proceed to checkout, remove any image from the shopping cart or cancel your order.

2. Checkout

To order a license please either register or at least provide a valid email address. We will have to use the contact information to process your order. Once you entered your contact information, you may proceed by clicking “continue”.

3. Check your order

On the following page you may check your order ans contact information.

4. Placing the order

On the last page of the checkout process you’ll find a page with your order and your contact information. Please check again if everything is ok. From that page you can then pay your order through the payment service PayPal. After that, the order is complete. You will then receive an email containing your order details and a download link for the images you ordered.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions about the order or payment process. Thank You!