Berlin Airport Tempelhof

A tour through the Berlin Airport Tempelhof.

The Tempelhof Airport is probably by far neither the most beautiful nor the largest airport. But located quite downtown Berlin its walls are packed and partly covered with Berlin and German history. A couple of years ago we took a guided tour around Airport Tempelhof. Back then the airport was still operating – shortly before it was closed you could already see that it was about to be shut down. Of course I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

The tour led us through some quite interesting areas of the airport building. Basically we saw something of everything – literally from the roof to the basement. The pictures I took may differ accordingly: from the roof top of the airport building you have a nice view to the air field, the maneuvering area and to the Berlin skyline. And in the basement of the building with it’s spacious cellars, connection tunnels and air-raid shelters we gained some insight into the dimensions of this largest building of Europe (rated by the square meters).

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