Berlin Hansaviertel

Years ago I used to live in Tiergarten – basically just around the corner of the Hansaviertel. None of the three apartments I lived in was actually part of the Hansaviertel. But I had the opportunity to come here quite frequently since the U-Bahn Station Hansaplatz is located right in the middle of the Hansaviertel– and so are also a few other services you may need on a regular basis such as some shopping options and the legendary GRIPS-Theater.

The Hansaviertel features some of West-Berlin’s architectural Greatest Hits of the Fifties, more or less nicely arranged around the Hansaplatz in the Berlin borough of Tiergarten / Mitte. After the old Hansaviertel had been destroyed during the second world war almost completely, the new Hansaviertel was built between 1953 and 1972 for the architecture exhibition / architecture fair called “Interbau”. So you can actually find works of the world’s greatest architects from that time, such as Alvar Aalto, Eugène Beaudouin, Luciano Baldessari, Werner Düttmann, Egon Eiermann, Walter Gropius, Bruno Grimmek, Oscar Niemeyer and Max Taut.

If you ask tourist guides about it, they might tell you, that the Hansaviertel is considered to be the West-Berlin counterpart of the East-Berlin Stalinallee: a massive apartment building project of international significance.

In the nineties the Hansaviertel, part of the Tiergarten, used to be occupied by the Love Parade once a year – this world famous annual techno music parade you may have heard of. Nowadays this is not the case any more – so no low budget campers put up their tents in the well designed gardens, no more caravan crowds on the also well designed parking lots, no more screaming girls or peeing boys. Just silence. An some great architecture.

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PS:: Yes, the ‘U-Bahnhof Hansaplatz’ is also the subway station where Christiane F. and some of her friends used to meet…