Berlin Wall Traces at Bernauer Street

For a very long time the Bernauer Street used to be also some kind of a ‘Symbol of segregation’, since ‘the Berlin Wall’ / the border line between East-and West-Berlin used to be right on the east side of the the Bernauer Street. The street itself, all the way between Gartenstraße and Mauerpark, was part of West-Berlin. When ‘the Berlin Wall’ was first built, the houses on the eastside of Bernauer Street became part of the Wall themselves – until they were first walled up – and then torn down.

Traces: some ‘left overs’ – probably a basement window of one of the houses on the east side of Bernauer Street that had to ‘go’ because of ‘the Berlin Wall’.

Nowadays there’s a lot of constructing (and deconstructing) going on: first all the trees were cut down..(?!¿). Now the tram rails are lengthened, all the way down to the station Nordbahnhof (which is great) – the Bernauer street is considered an important axis, connecting East and West.

Over the past years, the former ‘strip of death’ is slowly transforming into a ‘strip of green’ – a green corridor between Prenzlauer Berg / Mitte (East) and Wedding (West). Time heals also this wound..:]

On the lower end of Bernauer Street, towards S-Bahn Station Nordbahnhof you can still find some remains of the orginal Berlin Wall – a rather controversial monument. For some people it’s ‘just another sight’ – a thorn in the eye for some other people. After my honest opinion the Berlin Wall Memorial Site is a bit too small and too cozy and too incomplete – and far too ‘comfortable’ little piece of history. However – this piece of The Berlin Wall is at least still a popular photo-opportunity..