Finland: Woods on the Rocks

Finnish Forest and Glacier Rocks

The images of this album offer a view on what a Finnish Forest looks like, after a so called harvesting machine has harvested the trees. At first sight such clear-cut area may look a bit bold and boring. But with a closer look you willl discover the diversity of species that covers the former forest ground. Moss and grass cover most of the rocks, bugs, butterflies and birds populate the field. And basically everywhere you can see the young new trees growing between the leftover roots of the cut down forest.

On such a clear-cut part of the woods you may even discover some part of Finland’s ancient history: everywhere you can see these heavy glacier rocks / boulders lying around, rounded by the glaciers of the last ice age. The soil on the rocks is only a few centimeters thick. The density and variety of little things growing leaves the impression, that the plants fight about every square centimeter of fertile soil.

Between the woods you’ll find mostly lakes and swamp – but that’s what Finland’s nature is famous for and so you may have guessed that already.