Helsinki Sightseeing by Boat

Helsinki is located partly by the Baltic Sea and partly in the Baltic Sea, And partly you could even say that Helsinki is also built around the Baltic Sea. And so this Picknick in a boat became partly a little Sight Seeing cruise. Quite many of Helsinkis sights are in sight of the Baltic Sea – so ‘visiting’ them by boat can be a rather comfortable weekend ‘activity’

We passed many small islands and even smaller islands, saw some of the Sights of Helsinki – and also visited some of the curiosities – for example the icebreaker Urho (built in 1975, Power:16200kWh, Ice-Class: “1 a super”), which is called after the finnish president Urho Kekkonen (who was THE president of Finland over 25 years). The other ice breakers have also quite nice names: “SISU”, which stands for this finnish secret super power that helps in every other situation, “APU”, which means something close to Help, and… to be continued.