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Historical photos of train station Ostkreuz, Berlin

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Roger Ballen

black and white analogue

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Storks and Wolves

my dear friend A. from NYC blogging about life and things in B.

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NASA - Mars Science Laboratory

Everythings about NASAs current mission to Mars: Photos of mars surface, pictures of mars rover Curiosity, renderings, movie clips, videos, news, interactive multimedia content etc...

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Kiezladen Pankow

Local friendly "Bio" Shop in Pankow neighbourhood with everything you need: bred, magazines, coffee and cake, fruits and vegetables, ...

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Amazing Pics

A website dedicated to highlighting great photos from various sources: some HDR, some National Geographics, Pro-Photographers, Amateurs, etc..

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The Pigeon Game -20 minute cut @†Kickstarter

Please feel free to help support The Pigeon Game -20 minute cut project!!! (a documentary about pigeons and New York City and the annual -pigeon-game-)

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Berlin Street

Berlin Street has some insights on life in Berlin to offer: news, tips, stories, texts, photos and a cemetary database ("Friedhofsdatenbank") which you can use to search for celebrities buried on Berlin cemetaries

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House of World Cultures

frehly renovated and re-opened the House of World Cultures is always worth a visit - especially if there's an interesting event, exhibition, show or conference to visit. But also if there's "nothing" to see - the building itself is already worth a visit.

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Berliner Tafel

Only in Berlin every day tons of fresh but abundant food is thrown away. Actually there would be enough food for everybody. It just has to be arranged. That is the mission of Berliner Tafel e.V., it arranges the necessary logistic connections between those that have too much, and those that don't have enough.. (from the website of Berliner Tafel e.V.)

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Susanne Albers

at this address Susanne Albers has accumulated over 5000 pages: everything possible (and unpossible) about Arts and Culture, Philosophy and Psychology, Berlin and Bardowick

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Rolf Ebitsch + Whitehall Studio

the website of Rolf Ebitsch - Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Artist. Freshly made by HerrFrauFirma..:]

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Arken Museum fŁr Moderne Kunst

'The other' danish museum of Modern Art located close to Copenhagen, by the sea. The collection focusses on Danish, Nordic and international art with special emphasis on contemporary art, i.e. works from 1990 onwards.

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Louisianna Museum of Modern Art

The Museum Louisianna is located about 35 km north of Copenhagen, directly by the sea (with a view to the swedish coast line). Its collection shows works of Arp, Francis Bacon, Calder, Dubuffet, Max Ernst, Sam Francis, Giacometti, Kiefer, Henry Moore, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol, additionally you may enjoy regularly changing different shows throughout the year.

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Air Guitar World Championship

The Homepage of the Air Guitar World Championship in Oulu, Finland.

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comprehensive Japan-Photo~ / Japan-Info-Homepage with hundrets of pictures of Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara etc, very detailled and well organised, tips and tricks, how-to's, faq's - to sum it up: everything you'd want to know/see for getting a first impression of Japan, for preparing a trip to Japan or just for dreaming of Japan. ..enjoy!

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Prenzlauer Berg by

Mike ist Prenzl'Berger - and on about 600 pages he presents 'his' Prenzlauer Berg.. (sorry, german only)

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Designmai Berlin

The international Design Festival in May in Berlin..

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Museum der Dinge

'Museum der Dinge' means something like 'Museum of Things'.. and they collect and archive.. things.

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To The Point - Greenpoint (NYC)

this and that and almost everything (lost&found, PhotoTour, Links, Forum, ..) about 'The Point' - Greenpoint (Brooklyn, New York City)

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Sami Lukkarinen

Homepage of the finnish artist Sami Lukkarinen

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lupos 3D - Laserscanning, Photogrammetrie, Software..

just another way of taking pictures: with Laser-Scanners and panorama camera this Berlin based company creates extremely accurate 'data-pictures' of houses, places, tunnels..

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The Berlin Wall - The Best and Sexiest Wall ever existed!!!

The homepage of s swedish "Wall- and Fence-Fetishist" (if I may try to say it this way), who presents her very personla view on 'the Berlin Wall'

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Miss Hecker

.."gallery for contemporary street art" would not really fit.. - I better don't call it that way..:) ..maybe I'd rather call it "nice space for cool stuff"..? Maybe. Enjoy!

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a directory of more than 10k photoweblogs

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