Cat Fight – Two Cats fighting in the Sun [VIDEO]

Cat Fight - Two Cats Fighting in the Sun

Two cats putting on a show fight in the early autumn sun. The orange cat first walks across the terrace and is then attacked / chased by the probably younger tricolor cat. The scene was captured by an ARLO Pro 2 surveillance cam around 9a.m. on a beautiful autumn day in early November. I’m really glad, we have these cams up since I now can witness such cat fights from the comfort of my couch. How else would I have seen this cat fight in this beautiful autumn scenery?

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Urban Hospital / Urbanhafen Berlin Kreuzberg

Urbankrankenhaus / Urbanhafen Berlin Kreuzberg

View of the Urban Hospital at Urbanhafen in Berlin Kreuzberg. The photo was taken during a walk – a Landwehrkanal walk.

In September 2020 the corona numbers in Berlin were still halfway in the yellow range, but the corona crisis was still noticeable. Normally on such a mild Sunday evening, many, very many people stroll along the Landwehrkanal. The meadow in front of the Urban Hospital (Urbankrankenhaus) is usually pretty well occupied. On this evening, we only occasionally met other walkers, joggers, young parents with strollers.