We actually went to the woods to look for mushrooms. We heart there were already some, even though usually the mushroom season would only begin in autumn. Anyways – one day there was this mushroom standing in the shadow of a birch tree, in the middle of the small lawn between the cottage and the lake. We didn’t really dare to pick it – so we left it in hope that maybe next year there would be some more to pick.

Classic Cars in the Port of Helsinki

Classic Cars in the Port of Helsinki

Waiting for the boarding of the ferry to Stockholm we were kind of lucky. Next to us – or actually all around us a number of Classic Cars were waiting with us. Buicks, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, a few Ford Mustang – all there. Beautiful.

Doing a little research we found out that the Classic Cars were heading towards a Classic Car festival in Sweden – the Power Big Meet car show. With about 25.000 cars attending the Power Big Meet is the world’s largest classic car show. Find out more on this page at Wikipedia or on the car show’s homepage at

Helsinki Cathedral and Market Square as seen from the Sea

One day we took a boat from the Market Square to one of the islands around Helsinki and enjoyed this great view. Of course I took a couple of pictures. On this photo you see the Helsinki Cathedral, a.k.a. “The White Church” (Finnish: Helsingin tuomiokirkko, Suurkirkko; Swedish: Helsingfors domkyrka, Storkyrkan) and the central Market Square (Kauppatori in Finnish, Salutorget in Swedish) as seen from the Sea.

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Helsinki: Uspenski Cathedral and Market Square

Helsinki: Uspenski Cathedral and Market Square

I took this photo when we were taking a boat from the market square to the islands around Helsinki. In the foreground you see the lively central Market Square – in the background the impressive Uspenski Cathedral. On the right side the iconic Stora Enso building by Alvar Aalto form 1962, also known as “The Sugar Cube” because of its exterior made of pure white Carrara marble.