Urban Hospital / Urbanhafen Berlin Kreuzberg

Urbankrankenhaus / Urbanhafen Berlin Kreuzberg

View of the Urban Hospital at Urbanhafen in Berlin Kreuzberg. The photo was taken during a walk – a Landwehrkanal walk.

In September 2020 the corona numbers in Berlin were still halfway in the yellow range, but the corona crisis was still noticeable. Normally on such a mild Sunday evening, many, very many people stroll along the Landwehrkanal. The meadow in front of the Urban Hospital (Urbankrankenhaus) is usually pretty well occupied. On this evening, we only occasionally met other walkers, joggers, young parents with strollers.

Rainbow colored park bench

Rainbow colored park bench, Berlin

Somebody painted this park bench in rainbow colors. I am totally loving it. I mean – it’s not just ‘painted’ but actually somebody took the time and effort to either draw little drops, or maybe the paint was just of the right fluidity to draw the drop traces itself. However it was done – now it’s a great art piece.

Seen somewhere near Bernauer Strasse.

Signpost / Pictograms at Airport Tegel

Signpost / Pictograms at Airport Tegel

The design of the Tegel Airport runs through every detail. And that’s also how the signposts and pictograms are designed – in the style of the early seventies.

Above this central signpost, another signpost can be seen: 6,387 km to New York – 4,401 km to Quatar.

On the left in the picture the red biplane, which points to the restaurant “Red Baron” – known from the US-American comic and animation series The Peanuts – and from German history books.