Berlin Street Art: El Bocho: 'Berlin is Yours'

El Bocho: ‘Berlin is Yours’

The street artist El Bocho has been active since around 1996. Many of his works deal critically with various current issues such as gentrification and surveillance. His works can be found in many major cities around the world – but El Bocho is particularly active in Berlin, especially with large-scale, often colorful paste-ups, such as this work “Berlin is Yours”, which could be admired in August 2023 at the corner of Kastanienallee / Schwedter Straße.

Paste-ups are often not very durable due to their manufacturing and application techniques. The sheets of paper are usually applied to the walls with wallpaper paste – which minimizes the risk of property damage, but after a few days of rain, a paste-up often loses its shape. Therefore, I am quite happy to have documented here for once a fairly fresh work.

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