Hanover: streetcar and woman and child

Hannover’s Bahnhofstrasse is a pedestrian zone as it is written in the picture book. And also the station square (forecourt?) is mainly reserved for pedestrians – only now and then a streetcar crosses.

As I walked across the station forecourt, a young man lay across the streetcar tracks. An approaching streetcar stopped briefly. The streetcar remained silent – the people remained silent – nobody complained, nobody shouted. After a few seconds the spook was over, the man got up again and walked a little further. I ‘only’ saw these silent seconds of fright with my own eyes and did not look through the viewfinder of the camera. Therefore there is no picture of the scene here. Instead, I then photographed a woman and a child shot from behind in the back. There I am on the safe side – and keep my Hanover fright seconds all to myself.

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