Overgrown Streetlamp Berlin

Overgrown Streetlamp in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Blue skies, yellow house, green streetlamp. This streetlamp in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg completely overgrown. Actually in this street near Mauerpark you would find a couple of streetlamps that are more or less overgrown – but this one was the nicest. And the light of the evening sun plays nicely with the yellow facade.

In the Woods: forest floor covered with blueberries

Finland: Woods: forest floor covered with blueberries

The woods in Finland are well known for their blueberries – the forest floor is basically literally covered with blueberries. I took this photo a bit too early for the blueberry high season, so you can’t see any actual berries. But in late summer you should probably take at least a bucket or some big bag with you when you are planning to take a walk in the woods.

You can also find this image from the stock photo section right here.

A Rock by the Sea

Rock by the Sea

A rock by the sea near Tammisaari / Ekenäs. Why i took this picture? The rock has a few details that i found quite fascinating. First you can see how the rock was basically formed or even folded. In the middle of the picture you can see such a fold. And then there are the scratches the glaciers applied to the rock when they moved south. You can see such scratches or sanding marks on rocks literally everywhere across Finland.

Well – and in the background you can see sun setting and the Baltic Sea – which is always a nice photo opportunity. And there is even a small beach, which is rather rare in Finland.


Super Moon rising

I took this photo on a trip to the country side in the North of Germany, visiting my parents. At my parents’ place there is this rather old and rather small size but yet very functional astronomical telescope. Since it was the weekend before the Super Moon / full moon of November 14th, we decided to take a closer look at the moon. Impressive it was. I then also managed to take a few snapshots with my iPhone. So the quality of the full moon photos may not be very good, but still – I like them a lot.

This photo is also used over at weltzeituhren.info/vollmond-wann-ist-vollmond.

Pears Still Life by Chance

Sometimes it’s like this: you’re in the country side, some celebration in a barn, located in a village that is famous for its pears. An empty table that is about to tranform into a buffet soon – and somebody places a few pears randomly on that table. Suddenly you’re struck by the beauty of the situation – and the photo turns out to be what I would call an accidental still life. Greatness.