Mirrored Sunset by the Lake

Summer in Finland - Sunset by the Lake

No wind – the lake lies quiet, surronded by woods. The sun sets – and the sunset is mirrored in the lake. And when the sun sets in Finland, it often sets for quite a long time. In the north sunsets can go on for hours and hours – especially around midsummer you can basically enjoy a colorful sunset almost for half the night.

Super Moon rising

I took this photo on a trip to the country side in the North of Germany, visiting my parents. At my parents’ place there is this rather old and rather small size but yet very functional astronomical telescope. Since it was the weekend before the Super Moon / full moon of November 14th, we decided to take a closer look at the moon. Impressive it was. I then also managed to take a few snapshots with my iPhone. So the quality of the full moon photos may not be very good, but still – I like them a lot.

This photo is also used over at weltzeituhren.info/vollmond-wann-ist-vollmond.