Snow Oderberger Straße corner Kastanienallee, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Snow Oderberger Straße corner Kastanienallee

Meanwhile, another iPhone photo: Oderberger Straße and Kastanienallee (Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg) are currently being turned around – but thanks to the onset of winter, nothing is happening – the construction site is at rest.  Construction vehicles and materials are covered in snow, in between a mixture of grit, sand, construction rubble and whatever else there is to see on Berlin footpaths.   Pedestrians, cyclists and people with prams are practising slalom running – and thanks to the wintry conditions, that’s not so strange – somehow “slalom” is also a popular sport that suits the season.

PS: I must apologise for the pink colour of the snow – it is not road salt – the snow is actually snow-white. But the colouring is a misinterpretation / misconfiguration of the iPhone snow white balance.

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