Rainbow colored park bench

Rainbow colored park bench, Berlin

Somebody painted this park bench in rainbow colors. I am totally loving it. I mean – it’s not just ‘painted’ but actually somebody took the time and effort to either draw little drops, or maybe the paint was just of the right fluidity to draw the drop traces itself. However it was done – now it’s a great art piece.

Seen somewhere near Bernauer Strasse.

Fountain in front of Orangery Palace at Sanssouci Park Potsdam

Potsdam Sanssouci Orangerie

The fountain in front of the Orangery Palace at Sanssouci Park Potsdam is a popular photo opportunity – which makes it a bit difficult to take a photo here. There is basicalyy always somebody or some couple posing in front of you. But – when taking pictures one should probably not complain about people taking pictures.