A different kind of Berlin Wall

A different kind of Berlin Wall

I just opened another category for the stock images section of Bilderbook: backgrounds. There you’ll find images that are suitable as a background image or background pattern – for websites, but also for print products.

This one almost looks like a flag, although it basically just shows, what in Berlin you would see everywhere: a wall – and some cobble sone pavement. Although – i have to admit that i was amazed how clean this wall looks like. Usually Berlin Walls are covered with Streetart – Graffiti and Tags – this one was probably just painted. So you could for example use this image as a canvas – to add your very own message on the wall – your very own virtual Graffiti.

In case you want to use the image – please feel free to purchase the appropriate license right here. Thank you!

Rainbow colored park bench

Rainbow colored park bench, Berlin

Somebody painted this park bench in rainbow colors. I am totally loving it. I mean – it’s not just ‘painted’ but actually somebody took the time and effort to either draw little drops, or maybe the paint was just of the right fluidity to draw the drop traces itself. However it was done – now it’s a great art piece.

Seen somewhere near Bernauer Strasse.

Graffiti in Mauerpark

Berlin Mauerpark Graffiti

Sunset at Mauerpark – the sunlight is reflecting in this graffiti on the graffiti wall in Mauerpark. The wall is not the Berlin Wall – but it was actually part of the border installations. So back in the days when Berlin was separated there was no way to get even close to this wall. Today it is open to the public – everybody is allowed to add her/his art piece to the collection. But please, when you’re done, don’t forget take your trash with you.

Writing on the Wall: Kultur

A small writing on the wall saying “Kultur” – the German word for Culture – found at the S-Bahn station Humboldthain in Berlin’s borough  Wedding. Mankind has always defined itself mostly through art – through culture: language, stories, texts, paintings, drawings, music etc. Some of the oldest proof of mankind are writings and drawings found on walls – for example the murals at the Lascaux Caves.

Chimney at Froebelstrasse

Chimney at Fröbelstrasse, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

In Prenzlauer Berg the “Administrative Office for Citizens” (Bürgeramt / Bezirksamt Pankow Prenzlauer Berg) is located at Fröbelstrasse – a group of old brick buildings, that used to be a hospital. And this red brick chimney used to be part of the hospital too.

The HDR effect is a bit harsh, but – still – i liked the photo somehow. So here it is.