Äänekoski: Small Island in the middle of the Lake

Äänekoski Island in the middle of the Lake

On a day without almost any wind the lake is mirroring the passing clouds nearly perfectly. In the center of the photo you can see the small island a bunch of seagulls fights for every other day. The island seems to be quite a popular spot for the night – a safe place where basically no enemy can come close without prior notice.

A Rock by the Sea

Rock by the Sea

A rock by the sea near Tammisaari / Ekenäs. Why i took this picture? The rock has a few details that i found quite fascinating. First you can see how the rock was basically formed or even folded. In the middle of the picture you can see such a fold. And then there are the scratches the glaciers applied to the rock when they moved south. You can see such scratches or sanding marks on rocks literally everywhere across Finland.

Well – and in the background you can see sun setting and the Baltic Sea – which is always a nice photo opportunity. And there is even a small beach, which is rather rare in Finland.