Signpost / Pictograms at Airport Tegel

Signpost / Pictograms at Airport Tegel

The design of Tegel Airport runs through every detail. And so also the signposts and pictograms are in the design of the early seventies. At least the signposts that were originally intended by the architect – such as this central signpost in the area of the shopping area. Here are the various pictograms and what they mean: on the left you’ll find the disabled WC and parking deck P1. Straight ahead are various sanitary facilities – washrooms for men and women, showers, breastfeeding and nappy-changing rooms. Also on the left you’ll find the Terminals 0 to 8 and the cab rank. To the right is parking deck P5, First Aid, ATM and a restaurant. The pictogram with the suitcase probably points to lockers – next to it is the reference to Terminals B and C. And at the bottom right, there is a sign pointing to the Tegel Airport bus stop – and the (i) indicates that there are further information options in this direction.

Above this is a completely different signpost. Here the distance to various other places is shown: 6,387 km to New York, 5899 km to Bangkok – 4,401 km to Quatar.

On the left in the picture the red double-decker, which is actually also a signpost of some type: the airplane far points to the restaurant “Red Baron”, which is behind it. The name should be familiar from the U.S. comic series The Peanuts – and of course from German history books.

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