Usually, being at the Berlin’s Airport Tegel TXL – be it right before taking off, or after landing, or when picking up friends – you probably just won’t find the time to have a closer look at all the design details of this 70ies design beauty. That is a bit of a shame, because the Airport Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” is quite an architectural germ and definitely one of the most beautiful buildings of Berlin. And maybe the airport is maybe even one of the Top10 most beautiful airports of all times? At least it is a design classic from the Sixties / Seventies that celebrates the founding principles of ‘good design’ – form and function.

Sadly enough the flooring of the building was renovated replaced some years ago.. so you’ll only find remains of the typical triangle and hexagon shaped patterns on some parts of the outside flooring.

Other design details are of course still there – and probably not as easily replaceable as the flooring. From hexagonal columns, hexagonal pillars and pyramidal shaped ceiling constructions to round edged windows and desks – the variety of cute little angles, pictograms, signs, lamps, colorful information displays and other design details you may discover at the Airport Tegel is virtually infinite. So if you happen to find the necessary amount of free time to stroll around a bit, just do it – and enjoy this Design Classic.

The album Tegel Airport TXL contains 7 pictures.

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